Boarding and Grooming


At Cats Only Veterinary Clinic, we’re pleased to offer quiet, peaceful, professional boarding services with only other kitties in the hospital. Our kitty suites are outfitted with comfortable bedding, hidey boxes, and perches to get the best views of the interactions of the staff and patients.  Best of all, medical attention is just a few steps away and routine services like grooming or dental cleaning and polishing can be scheduled while your cat stays with us.

Cats can be reluctant to accept help with their grooming needs and matting can easily get out of control. From bathing and comb-outs to complete lion clips, the staff of Cats Only is able to keep your cat’s coat in great condition. Our doctors will perform an examination to make sure your cat isn’t having a medical problem that can make grooming him/herself difficult. Contact us today to schedule your cat’s “s-paw day!”

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