Does Your Cat Really Need Yearly Vaccinations?

Does My Cat Really Need Yearly Vaccinations?

In the last few years the veterinary community has begun to question the need for annual revaccination. Side effects of the common vaccinations have increased in frequency and severity.  Reactions range from mild swelling and listlessness to cancerous tumor formation at the injection site.

In 1998 the American Association of Feline Practitioners issued their long awaited Vaccination Guidelines for vaccination of the feline patient.  Paramount to a proper vaccination program is the assessment of risk factors for each individual patient and an appropriate recommendation made for each cat based on those factors. 

No longer should every cat get every vaccination every year.  As well, the AAFP guidelines support the practice of reduced frequency of booster vaccinations.

Cats Only Veterinary Clinic began implementing this protocol as early as 1996, and continues to evaluate each new vaccine for it’s efficacy and inclusion in our preventative health program.

The veterinary community is indeed fortunate to have so many vaccines to protect our cats from the dreaded diseases that can cause serious illness and death.  These vaccines are not, however, without potential side affects and should be used judiciously after consultation with your veterinarian.

If you have any question regarding your cat’s vaccinations, please feel free to send us a message and we can help!