Litterbox Problems with Your Cat and How to Fix Them

Litterbox Problems with Your Cat and How to Fix Them

One of the nicest things about cats is that they come “instinctively” housebroken.  Give them a litterbox and they will use it.  They do this because it is natural for them to cover their excrement to keep their environment clean.  The litter provides a way to do that.  There is not, however, anything magical about the litterbox.  If you give them enough reason to avoid the litterbox, they will.

Cats will go outside the litterbox for one of four reasons:

  1. A physical problem, like a bowel or bladder disease.
  2. Something about the box is not to their liking, such as dirty litter.
  3. Something about the place they are soiling is attracting them, such as previous soiling by other animals.
  4. Territorial marking

If your cat is having problems using their litterbox, we can help.  We will screen your cat for any disease or problem that may be contributing to the accidents and we will discuss in detail corrective measure for getting your cat back to using the litterbox. 

Make an appointment today if you’re having difficulty getting your cat to use the litterbox.